Writing Skills: Significance Of Writing Skills

In this case, the writer begins by writing down questions and collecting accurate answers from reputable sources. They analyse the findings and make reasonable conclusions from them. Afterwards, they produce quality written content based on what they’ve found. Research is the backbone of all types of writing, especially if the writer is not familiar with … Read moreWriting Skills: Significance Of Writing Skills

Pussy Riot and Social Engagement

Background Information Pussy Riot is a combination of visual and performing arts organization founded in August 2011 by a group of women. The collective’s identities remained anonymous for some time before getting involved in numerous activities. The group of female artist opposes the Russian regime and the close relationship between the President Vladimir Putin and … Read morePussy Riot and Social Engagement

No Mandatory Paid Vacation Law in the US. Where It Leads?

Compared to employees in other countries, Americans take relatively fewer vacation days. People who take vacations are usually highly productive and are more likely to get a raise or a promotion. American firms usually offer very few vacation days. The Bureau of Labour Statistics indicates that 76 percent of private firm workers, who make up … Read moreNo Mandatory Paid Vacation Law in the US. Where It Leads?

Management in Criminal Justice Organizations Essay

In the previous studies, job stressors and social resources have been found to be the most common predictors of organizational commitment across professions. However, up to date, stressors that are rather certain to the law enforcement profession have little consideration in such context.  The paper is addressing the direct influence of civilian related challenges on … Read moreManagement in Criminal Justice Organizations Essay

Consent with Media from the Law

Film based journalism faces many ethical and legal obstacles. Often, control over the broadcast is usually beyond the producer’s reach as they lack oversight over suppression of outcomes as soon as it leaves the airwaves (Butler & Rodrick, 2015). When a story justifies the need for reduced informed consent or coverage, sometimes it’s in the … Read moreConsent with Media from the Law